Positive Aging


The Positive Aging project addresses the need to support older adults in aging gracefully. We focus on the emotional well-being of adults as they enter the later stage of life when a rapid influx of changes happen. It is a stage of life when it can be difficult to look toward the future or to enjoy the present. How may we design technologies to help older adults value the present?


  • We are currently investigating how psycholgoical theories of emotion regulation may be embodied into technology design for older adults.
  • We are also looking at how older adults remember or cognitively index everyday 'moments', and the contextual details that are needed to trigger recall.

Project Team Members

  • Beth Nam (PhD student, Architecture)
  • Agustin Morales (Undergraduate student, Computer Science)
  • Dr. Sharon Lynn Chu (Assistant Professor, Visualization)
  • Dr. Lisa Geraci (Associate Professor, Psychology)
  • Dr. Steven Woltering (Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology)

Related Publications

  • Chu, S. L., Garcia, B., Quance, T., Geraci, L., Woltering, S. and Quek, F. (2016). Understanding Storytelling as a Design Framework for Cognitive Support Technologies for Older Adults. In Proceedings of International Symposium on Interactive Technologies for Ageing Populations (IxAP) 2016. Kochi, Japan. [Best Paper Award]
Positive Aging